“Gion Festival” ④ How to enjoy the second half of the festival, the post-festival and folding screen festival

The pre-festival and the pre-festival Yamahoko cruise are over, and the post-festival (post-festival), which has been revived for the first time in half a century, will begin in the latter half of July.

At the pre-festival, I fully enjoyed the feeling of Gion Matsuri, so I felt a little relaxed at the post-festival.

Let's enjoy the folding screen festival carefully this time.

At the Byobu Festival, old houses and merchants in the town of Kyoto decorate their homes with their proud heirloom.

Please take a look at it, it's a festival. A mysterious festival where you can openly peek at someone else's house.

This culture doesn't exist in Kanto.


Mt. Kitahata. The crest of the hanging curtain is cute. Sparrow? There are two birds that seem to be in harmony. Each float has a different crest, so

It's fun to see the ornaments. I couldn't afford it at the time of the previous festival. ..


This is a folding screen festival. I'm completely looking into people. Well, it's probably a famous person's book.


I don't know the names of crane and dragon folding screens, koto, etc., but it's amazing.

Because the carpet is Nabeshima Tadashi. It is said that there is a rug that the Saga Nabeshima clan presented to the shogunate for 1 million yen.

It is packed tightly. .. I'm groaning.


The lanterns with bird crests are also cute. What is that? The type of bird of the curtain and the bird of the lantern are different.

The neck length is a little different, and it looks like a sparrow and a pigeon.


This is also Nabeshima Tadashi. Speaking of which, I used Tawaraya Ryokan quite a bit. Is it popular in Kyoto?


Here, in the back, the people at home are eating. What a feeling to see this.

It's a big, cool and enviable house.


This is a mini float. Everyone has a folding screen. It continues to the back.


A miniature float is displayed at the storefront of Kyoto-style accessories. No matter where you look, there are only Gion-related goods.


By the way, there are floats to see at the post-festival. It is "Ofuneho". Because it ’s a halberd that has been resting for a long time,

This is because it is a legendary halberd that was revived in 2014 for the first time in 150 years.

A little poor halberd that burns down a total of two times, the Onin War and the Hamaguri-gomon incident 150 years ago.

The reason for the burning is a historical event. ..


came out! "Ofuneho". Yeah! I've been waiting for you, Senryo Yakusha! I feel like.

It is amazing that the Japanese who have seen this before are people from the end of the Edo period and the Bunkyu period.

Suddenly it makes me feel like I'm connected to someone at the end of the Edo period. It's a romance.

In fact, the post-festival was also a resurrection for the first time in half a century, because this "Ofuneho" was resurrected.

So to speak, it's worth one festival, so it's amazing.

As the name suggests, the shape of the ship is unique. I have to look at this.

Even so, there is a shape of a ship even with Gozan no Okuribi, and I wonder if people in Kyoto like ships.


By the way, after the dawn, the floats of the post-festival tour. "Ofune-ho" acts as a large bird for cruising.

Miyo, this brave figure! This is the end of the Gion Festival.

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