Kyoto’s summer tradition, Kawadoko cuisine! Cool lunch at Kifune Nakayoshi [2]

Last time, the introduction was long and it was finally Kawadoko's dish "Nakayoshi".
The entrance to “Nakayoshi” is here.
It was 15:00 when the number of people decreased and it felt good. It will be a rare evening start time.

I ordered the "Bamboo Course" for 8750 yen. Yes, there is no easy lunch for 2 to 3000 yen.

There is a "mini kaiseki" that is one rank lower for 6700 yen, but it's basically about this.

Well, it's a place fee. However, it is a proper course.

These are pre-attached, oriented, grilled, cooked, steamed, tempura, rice, pickles, and water.

Actually, there is only one shop in Kibune that sells "Nagashi Somen", which is reasonably priced at 1500 yen.

Well, this time I want to taste the perfect Kawadoko cuisine, so that's another time.


This is "Nakayoshi". It was good because it was from 15:00, so it was vacant.
The tatami room of "Friends" looks like this. The flow of the river is quite fast and makes a loud noise.

This is rather wild rather than elegant. pleasant!


The area around the steps is exciting. The fun of immersing only your feet in the water.

If a child falls, it will be washed away.


Well, cooking. Sakizuki and Sakizuki are issued together first. If you think of it as an inn dish, there is no doubt.

Matcha tofu, yuba, etc. are all Kyoto-like menus. That's right, this is good for people who come for sightseeing.

I'm worried that I'm traveling. In addition, there are many local products such as Kibune and mountain products.


And when it comes to summer mountain food, "Ayu grilled with salt". That's right, this is fine.

If this kind of thing doesn't come out, it will hang down, because we don't eat it on a daily basis.

I'll have it with Tate vinegar. It's so bitter that people say, "I like insects that eat vines," but mysteriously, it goes well with sweetfish.


Somen here. I'm going to do somen noodles. It's cool.


A clear stream flows about 30 cm under the tatami room. What is this extraordinary feeling!

You can enjoy it by dipping your feet from time to time even during meals.


"Domyoji Manju", a specialty of "Nakayoshi". The bean paste on the bun containing tilefish, eel, ginkgo, and shiitake mushrooms is delicious.


tempura. I want to drink beer. I came by car.


The last is rice, pickles, and red miso soup. I'm full.


Of course there are also desserts. Melon has a strong sweetness and is licking.

I'm really full. There is a feeling of satisfaction that I have come to sightseeing.

At 15:00, there are almost no people left, and it is surprisingly recommended because you can enjoy it even after eating.

By the way, do you want to take a walk on your ship without being hungry?

Kibune Nakayoshi
Address: 71 Kuramakibunecho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 601-1112
Phone: 075-741-2000
Business hours: 11:00 to 21:00

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