About the best time to see the very popular Kyoto autumn leaves spot “Rurikoin”, tips on how to line up, and parking lots.

"Rurikoin" in Yase, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto. It is a very popular spot for autumn leaves that everyone in the know knows.

About 20 minutes by Eizan Electric Railway, get off at "Yase-Hieizanguchi Station" at the end, and walk for about 5 minutes.

Since it is located along a mountain river, we also recommend trains on the official website.

But I really want to go by car! For those who say, there is only one parking lot.







It’s a relaxing landscape.

Hmmm good. This can also be expected from the autumn leaves of Rurikoin.
When I took a walk, there was a parking lot in front of Rurikoin! !! What the hell is that! I thought, but apparently it is for people who use this facility. ..


This is Mikage Shrine. What a quiet thing. However, there is a legend that God has landed here because it has a deep connection with Kamo Shrine.
So, be careful here!
More than 100 people have already lined up at the meeting place seriously at 3:20!
It's done! !!
Of course, the people who are lined up first will enter, so at this point I will wait another 30 minutes. ..
So, let's get together and line up before a certain time written at the meeting place.
For those who have limited time, it's worth remembering with the iron rules!


In front of the main gate. Will it be lined up again here too!瑠璃光院s

At 15:30, about 100 people moved a lot, led by the guide.

Move to the front of the gate of Rurikoin.

Here, enter in order from the beginning of 100 people.

When you look at it, the guide will take a commemorative photo in front of the gate one by one.

That's the reason for the procession! !!

I thought, but it would be very crowded if all 100 people entered.

That's why it's a device to leave a little space and have fun even a little more!

I notice.

Don't do it. As expected, Kyoto is a world-class cultural heritage town, and a town of hospitality.




By the way, this Rurikoin. I don't know what the history is.

Looking at the official website, Yase was originally written as "arrowback", and the Prince of the Sea received the arrow on his back due to the Jinshin War.

I wrote that I came to heal it, but this is about the land of Yase. ..

Even if it suddenly flew away and was told that it was remodeled into Sukiya-zukuri in the Taisho era, what was it originally! ?? Is it a temple? ??

However, I was surprised to learn that this is a work by Sotoji Nakamura, a master of Sukiya architecture! !!

Really! Sotoji Nakamura is one of the world-famous Sukiya-zukuri who created the Japan-style room of John Lennon's house and Rockefeller's house.

Even now, Nakamura Souji Komuten is a construction shop that has been in charge of the current generation, such as maintaining the famous inn "Tawaraya" (designed by Junzo Yoshimura) in Kyoto.

That's why it's surprisingly new.

After entering the building, first go upstairs. This view is truly. It's a well-thought-out view.


A mechanism that makes it look like a hanging scroll by opening the shoji. The calculation with the planting in the garden is amazing.


Yes, it's out, Jaan. This is it, I wanted to see it! !!

No longer sexy. Bewitching autumn leaves.

I also calculated the reflection of the polished desk. The idea is amazing.

Can you say one? Behind this, people are crowded together lol.


Uhya. It's a natural illumination. It looks like paradise.

I want to charter here, just as Michael Jackson chartered Disneyland.


This feeling of openness. A space where nature and architecture are united. It's a luxury.


When you go down to the first floor, this is a moss garden. Oh, I want this house!


The depth is emphasized by the maple shelving like a cloud in the foreground.

amazing. Kyoto may be the best way to take care of nature in the world.


A garden with stones and a pond. It's a deep business for human beings to add Nishikigoi to one of the landscapes.


Autumn dusk in Rurikoin. The autumn leaves that shine against the sun are strange.


55 Kamitakano Higashiyama, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
TEL: 075-781-4001

55 Kamitakano Higashiyama, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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