Yodo-dono? Toyotomi Hideyoshi? Whose castle was “Yodo Castle”?

Nijo Castle is the first castle in Kyoto. This is the castle of Ieyasu Tokugawa.

Next is Fushimi Castle. This is Toyotomi Hideyoshi's castle. These two are pretty famous.

"Yodo Castle" is a castle in Kyoto that you have never heard of.

"Yodo Castle" at Yodo Station on the Keihan Main Line. Whose castle is this castle?

Yodo-dono? Yes, the correct answer! I would like to say, but it's a little different.

Hideyoshi's concubine, Chacha, became pregnant, and Hideyoshi, who was happy, immediately built a castle in Yodo for Chacha.

The reason why Chacha later came to be called Yodo-dono. Of course, the castle is also "Yodo Castle".

but! Currently, it is not the castle that has a castle left.

It was "Yodo Castle" made by Hidetada Tokugawa, the second shogun in the Edo period.

By the way, Yodo Castle is called "Yodo Castle" to distinguish it.

So, of course, there is nothing related to Hideyoshi and Yodo-dono.

Moreover, the ruins of an old castle that has been forgotten now have a strong sense of park, and honestly, there is no sense of Hidetada Tokugawa. ..


History fans are the ones who manage to inflate their imagination by feeling the remnants of the past on Ishigaki and giant trees.


Anyway, there are no tourists and it is in a chartered state. It's fun to be able to charter this large site.


Ishigaki is solid anyway.


Please enjoy it as a private park for private use.


I like the feeling of trees eroding the stone walls.


Keihan train is very close. The contrast with the stone wall is subtle.

Furthermore, there is a mini castle in the moat for some reason, which is strange.


There is also a shrine next door. This is unexpectedly good.


ts name is "Yodo Shrine". The letters are different. I wonder which one is the Ateji.


This is also in a chartered state lol. Well, if you want to feel like a castle owner, Yodo Castle may be a good choice.

Yodo Castle
158 Yodohonmachi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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158 Yodohonmachi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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