Yakitori of Tamba chicken and Kyoto vegetables are built in a townhouse over 100 years old! “Kushikura”

Lunch at "Kushikura" in Oike-dori, Takakura-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto. The station is about a 5-minute walk from Kyoto City Hall.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of Kyoto in a townhouse that is over 100 years old. The main dishes are yakitori and Kyoto vegetables made from Tamba chicken.

It can be said that it is a restaurant where you can easily enjoy the taste and atmosphere of Kyoto.


This "Kushikura" is actually quite a performer, such as having made a foray into Tokyo.

Machiya is not a private family, but a kimono dealer, so it feels formal. This is not an individual

After all, based in Kyoto, the charcoal-grilled chicken "Kushikura" and the pork cutlet "Katsukura"

Tea cafe "Tea House Lipton", Italian restaurant "Santa Maria Novella Tisaneria Kyoto"

It is run by a company that develops a chain of food and drinks.

As expected, it makes you feel the capital power that is not found in individual management from inside the store.


The solid interior. There is a hearth that is a smoking space at the entrance,

The ceiling is a colonnade, and the making is totally gorgeous.


The counter seats are also spacious. It is about twice as deep as a normal counter seat.

They grilled chicken over charcoal.


There are many private rooms, so it can be used for entertainment. The price is not so high and it seems to be easy to use.


There is also a table seat on the tatami mat.


suboiwa is also the default.

Well, lunch. Of course, lunch is mainly chicken.

Lunch set meal 980 yen, parent and child bowl 980 yen, yakitori bowl 1100 yen

Fried chicken set meal 980 yen, yakitori set meal 1280 yen, children's lunch 620 yen.

Even the children's lunch is a sign of confidence that they are really careful about the ingredients.


So, I chose the daily "lunch set meal". This day is a deep-fried chicken.

First of all, the salad is more delicious than I expected! Vegetables are the only point that the store is particular about, such as using Kyoto vegetables.

Naturally, rice is free to replace! As expected, a chain store! The capital power is different.

And the taste is reasonably good. This is also a chain store.


I'm not particularly dissatisfied with it, and I can enjoy the atmosphere of a machiya, so I think it's good for beginners in Kyoto.

In addition, it is a chain store that can be used without problems in various scenes such as family, entertainment, and colleagues.

The taste and atmosphere of chain stores nationwide are quite tough,

With such a local chain, you can get the characteristics of the land, and it's a good deal.

Kushikura Main Store
584 Hiiragi-cho, Oike-dori, Takakura-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

[Lunch] 11: 30-14: 30 (LO14:00)
[Night] 17: 00-22: 30 (LO21: 45)
Open for lunch, open on Sundays

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