[Soba 處 Otsuru] Orthodox Kyoto-style udon noodles, or grated soba noodles in the summer!

Lunch at the long-established soba restaurant "Soba Otsuru", which was founded in 1883, on the corner of Sanjo-dori and Sakaimachi-dori.

Although it is located in a fashionable area lined with shops, it creates an exceptional atmosphere.

It was founded in 1883. There is no personality.


However, it is surprisingly easy for locals as well as tourists to enter.

If you go late for lunch, it's so loose that the staff and their children eat at the table.

Well, it's okay to spend this time without hesitation.


Loose time flows in the store. A customer watching TV, an old man who doesn't move as if time had stopped.

Outside, there are quite a few young people visiting shops, but it's a different world.


There is also a tatami room. It will be fluffy.

Naturally, the menu is full of soba, udon, and rice bowls.


Udon is an orthodox Kyoto-style udon. Rough green onions, sweet soup stock, soup stock, and chewy noodles. Sansho is also delicious.

I want to eat while tasting slowly. Gentle taste.


And grated soba that comes out in the summer. This one sucks in at once! Refreshing.

Whenever it's summer, you'll have to spend plenty of time with these two products.

In any case, the taste of the soba restaurant here is not too assertive and makes you want to go again.

This taste is exciting! There is no such thing, but it tastes like I want to go again.

That's why I've been doing this since 1883.

Unfortunately, the amount is not enough.

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