Hamoten Udon in summer! “Watatsune”, a real shop loved by Kyoto people

Lunch at "Watatsune" in Sanjojoru, Yanaginobamba-dori.

It's delicious here without any price. Even if you think that the first time is a little light,

The more you go two or three times, the more delicious it feels even addictive.

The reason is definitely soup stock. The soup stock is insanely delicious.

If you fall in love with the soup stock, there is a lot of this menu at the end. Not to mention fried tofu set meal with soup stock, buckwheat noodles, udon noodles,

Whether it's fried oysters, kaisendon, or east or west of the ocean, you'll be struck by the delicious soup stock that creeps in.

Watatsune's deliciousness is not limited to soup stock.

Apparently, they are very particular about the ingredients, such as pesticide-free and pesticide-reduced vegetables.

It's pretty cool because I don't talk about it loudly. Anyone who notices should notice it,

No, even if I don't notice it, we're just putting out what we like.


There is no such thing as a Kyoto-like Machiya style, and the store is simple and sturdy without any vanity.


The best summer recommendation is "spicy radish grated soba"!

Sprinkle soba soup and mix the green onions, dried bonito flakes, and spicy radish in a mess.

Soba is thin and a little hard. This is good. The rough texture feels good when passing through the throat.

When you sip it, the spicy stimulus of toon and spicy radish is nice afterwards.

This is a moment. I'm crazy about it, and I finish eating in an instant.


Recommended set meal one day. Boiled fried tofu and summer vegetables. A dish where you can still enjoy the deliciousness of the soup stock.
One day's recommended set meal # 2. Hamo tempura udon. I also use high-quality congers without hesitation.

Plum, ginger, grated and summer taste on parade.
Recommended set meal on winter days. Winter taste, fried oyster set meal. The level is high as a matter of course.
Soba and kaisendon set. Sprinkle soy sauce on the smooth and refreshing tuna and put the rice in parentheses.

Soba is also thin noodles and goes in smoothly. At the end, if you drink the soup stock, you will feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Address: 94 Aburayacho, Sanjo-dori, Yanaginobamba-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8103, Kyoto Prefecture
Phone: 075-221-5957

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