“Ryoanji” has a nice garden, but the flowers are also wonderful!

Ryoanji is a garden, but the flowers in the precincts are also wonderful.

To be honest, I don't know what kind of flower it is, but in the middle of March,

It's still early for cherry blossoms, but it's in full bloom here and there.

Of course, the plums are also beautiful.

So, let's look at the flowers while aiming for the garden.


First of all, on the way from the parking lot to the gate. It is in full bloom in pure white.


Well, let's go through the gate.


Go through the gate and you will see a pond. No, it's been since my school trip. I've forgotten it at all, so it's fresh! It was like this.


In fact, the flowers that I have come to see often since I came to Kyoto. A flower with many small bells.

When it sways in the wind, it seems to make a ringing sound.


While saying, go inside. Shibayama Kenzan suddenly wrote a person's book. However, it's not so well known and I'm not sure.


came out. Baan, Ryoanji stone garden. It's been since my school trip (second time).

After all, the feeling is different from when I was in junior high school. .. maybe.


Microcosmic. It seemed like a miniature of a Hollywood science fiction movie.

Like a different planet. The sand is beautiful.


Actually, the height of the fence goes down toward the back to give depth. Other optical illusions

It seems that the calculation is done, and it is difficult to take a picture because the roof of the wall becomes slanted.


I like this kind of pattern with different materials.


And another famous Tsukubai at Ryoanji Temple. "I know enough."

No matter what angle you look at the stone garden of Ryoanji Temple, you cannot see all the stones.

However, this Tsukubai word means that you don't have to see everything. It seems.

Is that true. What is the way of thinking for each person?

The precincts of Ryoanji Temple are surprisingly large.


This is plum.


Red is amazing.

Ryoanji Temple
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13 Ryoanji Goryonoshitamachi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto

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