Recommended izakaya near Kyoto Station! “Sake restaurant Jijibaba”

What is a delicious izakaya near Kyoto Station? "Sake appetizer Jijibaba" is an izakaya that can answer the question.

Recommended as the last sightseeing in Kyoto for office workers who came to Kyoto on a business trip.


However, it is not popular with tourists, but rather a izakaya loved by the locals.

Evidence of popularity is "Sake appetizer Jijibaba", "Jijibaba DOS", "Jijibaba No. 3 Sake Bar" and three affiliated stores.

"There was a place like Shinjuku Golden Gai in Kyoto."



This is the second store "Jijibaba DOS" at the entrance of Lido Street.
It's located in a corner of the Lido restaurant, a bar alley with a rather deep atmosphere.
Well tourists will not come.


Entered around 7 pm. There is only one young female customer. Oh, in such a deep bar town

While thinking that one fashionable girl is stylish, I feel the depth of the store where even one girl can come.

Even so, the affiliated store "Jijibaba DOS" was already full, but "Sake appetizer Jijibaba" was laughing at each customer.

Probably this is the first store, but I wonder if it has flowed to the second store.

The store is quiet because there are few customers. The owner doesn't say much at all.

I don't recommend anything in particular. That doesn't mean it's uncomfortable

It feels like "Please do whatever you want" on your face.


The izakaya is salted firefly squid and potato salad. Suddenly co-starring Japanese and Western sake dishes.

Moreover, the potato salad is a fashionable type that retains the ruggedness and egginess of the potatoes.

Yes, the restaurant looks Japanese, but it also specializes in bar-like dishes.

In other words, it's a shop where you drink wine. The price is also reasonable.

However, there is a liquor that says "Limited to 35 years old and over", and I am interested in it.

It is a sake brewery called Kamikame Sake Brewery, and the sake brewery recommends people over 35 years old.

There are some sakes from Kamikame Sake Brewery, but I ordered champagne-style sake with bubbles.

Even with this pick-up feeling, I'm over 35 years old.

It's easy to drink! Hmm, this is dangerous. Even though it's sake, I finish drinking two drinks.


The main dish is bar menu, but it is quite stateless. There are Japanese, Western, and Chinese.

Menus such as bacon steak, bitter gourd chanpuru, and Echizen soba dance.

Oyster garlic oil. Generous oysters.

The protagonist of the shadow, garlic oil, is thoroughly sucked into the bread.


Mapo tofu has a nice scent of Chinese pepper and has a genuine Sichuan taste. The spiciness goes well with sake.

Well, the shop of Donbei for Donbei. However, it seems to be a little fashionable and popular among girls.

The biggest feature is the gap between the deep secret feeling of Lido Street and the cozy bar feeling.

However, it is the reason why the locals love the coziness that satisfies Donbei.

Sake appetizer Jibaba
Address: 180, Higashisakaicho, Karasuma-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Phone: 090-2010-3912

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