[Kamesuehiro] Kyoto’s recommended souvenir, the Japanese sweet “Kyo no Yoshiga” filled with the beauty of Kyoto, is fascinating.

Kamesuehiro is a long-established Japanese confectionery store located on Karasuma Oike and Aneyakoji-dori in Kyoto.

Founded in 1804, Gensuke Kameya, who was a kettle master who makes tea pots, started a Japanese sweets shop.

Japanese sweets shops often have the character "turtle", and there are many cases of warming up, but it's a new method!

What is "turtle" in the name of the founder? ..

Certainly it doesn't seem to have anything to do with other "turtle" series.


That's why I came to "Kamesuehiro".

The store is ridiculously shiny.

There is no sense of luxury.


To get to "Kamesuehiro", get off at "Karasuma Oike Station" and walk for 1 minute. Access is insanely good.

It's amazing to have a store with Zudon in this prime location.

For that reason, it doesn't have much national name, and I think it can be maintained well.

I think it means that you can do it only with your favor. That is also amazing.


The inside of the store is also extremely shiny.

It's active and crunchy, and it's also cool.


Lots of old gift boxes.

How much will it cost if you send it to the "Anything Appraisal Team"?


The wooden L-shaped counter is cool.

I want to go if there is such a bar.


A counter where you can find famous confectioneries such as "Silk Drops".

It feels good to put it directly without a case.


There are a lot of mysterious sweets.

It's probably the result of more than 200 years of trial and error.


By the way, I bought the famous confectionery "Kyoto no Yoshiga" from "Kamesuehiro".

It's so respectful that it's no longer a wedding gift.


When you open the wrapping paper, you will find a wooden box inside Noshi.

It might be a souvenir or a wedding celebration.


And open the book! !! It's gorgeous.

broccoli? First of all, it's fun to see sweets that look like (probably rape blossoms) and sweets that look like seaweed rolls.

"Kyoto no Yoshiga" values ​​the sense of the season, and it seems that there are 12 sets for 12 months.

By the way, I bought it in March. Spring is in full bloom.

This wooden box imitates a tea room. The center is the tea pot.

It's fashionable.

"Kyoto no Yoshiga" costs 3600 yen, 2400 yen, and 1100 yen depending on the size.

The recommended one is 2400 yen. To be honest, 2400 yen is a good amount.

If it is 1100 yen, it will not be this wooden box, so my mood will be halved.

The expiration date is one week. It is difficult to eat a lot of dried sweets at once, so it is recommended to eat them little by little.


Even so, it's beautiful.

It may be a good souvenir for women and superiors.

I definitely want to give you the impression of "Wow!" The moment you open it.

251 Higashiiri Kurumayacho, Aneyakoji Kurumayacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Closed on Sundays and public holidays


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