“Boogaloo cafe” where you can enjoy a wide variety of bread all-you-can-eat lunch

Lunch at "boogaloo cafe" on Teramachi-dori.

The inside of the store is quite large, with a 25m pool. It is a plantain cafe that is rare on Teramachi-dori.

It seems easy to have a charter party at night.

The atmosphere of the store is Hawaiian taste. The table layout is also spacious and American.


There are three types of lunch: pasta lunch, pizza lunch, and salad lunch.

All this comes with all-you-can-eat bread!

Moreover, there are about 10 types of bread, so I feel like eating them as well.
In front of me is a used clothing store, Chicago. Oh, in Harajuku? I was in Kyoto.
While saying that, I don't really like bread.

Even so, why do pasta sets in the world often come with bread?

I wonder if it means eating with pasta sauce.

Pasta = carbohydrate x bread = carbohydrate, which is unbalanced.

I didn't even notice the salad lunch that didn't seem to fill my stomach,

The best match for the all-you-can-eat bread service is like a salad lunch.


Bread with cheese. It looks like a handmade shop.
But after all I ordered pasta lunch.


This day was bacon and mushroom pasta.

It tastes soy sauce and is good even if it is not flashy. It ’s delicious!
It’s spacious, spacious and comfortable.
It was a cafe that made me want to relax for about 2 hours.

boogaloo cafe Teramachi store
■ Address
488 Nakasuji-cho, Rokkaku-dori, Teramachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
OHAYAMA BLD 2nd floor
■ Telephone
■ Business hours
12: 00-22: 00
■ Regular holiday
■ Parking lot

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