What is Kyoto-like tsukemen? “Kyo Tsurukame Rokkaku”

Lunch at the ramen shop "Kyotsuke Mentsuru Kame Rokkaku" located on the east side of Shinkyogoku Street.

A little off the side of the arcade on Kyogoku-dori. It is very close to MOVIX Kyoto.


What is Kyoto-like ramen? The question reminds me of Japanese-style ramen nationwide,

As I found out in Kyoto, the answer is definitely backfat soy sauce ramen.

There are many backfat soy sauce ramen shops, and they are actually loved by Kyoto people.


So what is Kyoto-like tsukemen? I groan at the question.

As an image, is it a soup stock with Japanese-style soup stock? Noodles like thin somen noodles?

Something comes to mind, but one thing that definitely has in common with Kyoto tsukemen is

The soup is shabby.

Thick muddy tsukemen such as "Rokurinsha" and "Second generation tsukemen Tsujita" in Tokyo

I can hardly see you. The soup of "Gokudori" was muddy, but it wasn't tsukemen.


"Kyoto Tsukemen Tsurukami Hexagon" "Seafood Soy Sauce Tsukemen" 770 yen soup is exactly shabashaba type.

There is a lot of bubbling feeling in Kyoto soup.

I'm glad that a large serving of noodles is the same price. Originally it is a noodle factory, and the noodles are chewy.

The default toppings, radish sprouts and seaweed, give it a slightly Japanese feel, giving it a Kyoto feel.

The taste is honest, normal and fair. There is a feeling of satisfaction because the large serving is the same price.

After all, I should have made it more Kyoto-like "Saikyo Miso Tsukemen".

But what was written on the top of the sign was "seafood soy sauce tsukemen", so

This is the signboard menu, isn't it?


Oh, and the interior of the store was based on red, with lanterns lined up and it felt very lively.

Tsurukame Rokkaku Hexagon
Nakano Building, 456-3 Matsugaecho, Rokkaku-dori, Shinkyogoku-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
京都府京都市 中京区新京極通六角東入松ヶ枝町456−3

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