【 Hashitate】Right next to Kyoto Station! At the end of sightseeing in Kyoto, let’s enjoy the taste of a restaurant at a low price.

Kyoto's super famous restaurant "Wakuden". Originally it was an inn in Kyotango, but I brought the crabs caught in Kyotango to Kyoto.

It became popular and became one of the leading restaurants in Kyoto.

Even now, he is still a master, and in addition to restaurants, there are specialty stores that specialize in bringing vegetables and restaurants that mainly focus on vegetables.

It is a famous restaurant that opens conceptual shops one after another with reliable quality as a weapon.

One of them is "Hashitate" produced by Wakuden, which is directly connected to Kyoto Station.

This shop focuses on "noodles" and "don", so you can enjoy the taste of "Wakuden" and it is cheap.

Moreover, because it is in a building directly connected to the station, there is another one just before getting on the last Shinkansen after sightseeing in Kyoto!

How convenient it is at times.

That's why it's a popular shop.

When I went about 10 minutes before the opening of the store on the weekend, it was a line after all.

When I thought about it, many of them lined up at another popular store, "Nakamura Tokichi," which made me feel relieved for the time being.

What do you call it here?

I just went up to the second floor by escalator, opposite the central ticket gate of Kyoto Station.

Next door is Isetan. Looking at the address,

JR Kyoto Isetan JR West Exit Eat Paradise in front of the ticket gate

That's right. For the time being, it's inside Isetan.

When the building opened, I could sit normally for the time being.

I was surprised.

There is an electronic stove in the center of the table seats. I'm sure there will be a pot.

It seems that Wakuden has a modern idea even though it is a long-established restaurant.

We recommend the sea bream sesame miso bowl.

As a set, you should definitely try Saiko, the sweets that Wakuden is proud of.


Sea bream and miso. Well, it can't be bad.

It has a strong taste and is delicious. I will eat rice and stuff.

There is tea in the Kyusu as if you were to pickle it in Ochazuke.

When I make tea, it seems that the chewy feeling of the sea bream is lost, which is annoying.

However, in the end, I end up with Ochazuke.

I'm using good tea as well.

Strong tea that firmly accepts the strong taste of sea bream miso goes well.


After all it was a big deal, so I also added mackerel sushi.

I ate mackerel sushi from various shops, but Wakuden's taste is neat.

The rare one with lean meat is truly.


The last is Saiko, a famous confectionery of Wakuden.

A refreshing after-meal texture with a smooth texture and rich sweetness.

It goes well with tea.

Hmmm, it was a good lunch with a Kyoto-like atmosphere.
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