Shishi at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate also attended !? “Kouan Kawamichiya Main Store”

Lunch at "Kouan Kawamichiya Main Store" in Fuyacho-dori Sanjojoru.

In the immediate vicinity is the Sohonke Kawado-ya, which is famous for its soba noodles. You moved to Kyoto when Emperor Kanmu returned to Kyoto,

It has a tremendous history. It's too old to understand.

Founded in the Edo period at this "Kouan Kawamichiya Main Store". Still, the times are different for about a thousand years,

It's a soba restaurant that looks like a history museum.

The specialty of "Kouan Kawamichiya Main Store" is "Soba & Udon-suki" which is typical of Kyoto called "Aromatic Furnace". Kyoto-like yuba, pike conger and other seafood

A hot pot containing surimi steamed, kashiwa, and Kujo green onions. Hmmm this looks delicious.

However, since it's lunch, let's go purely with buckwheat this time.

晦庵 河道屋 本店外観

As expected, the store is set up. The world of historical drama.

晦庵 河道屋 本店スロープ

It's not a gorgeous atmosphere, but it's a store that even feels intimidating.

晦庵 河道屋 本店坪庭

But in a blink of an eye, I get used to it and feel comfortable.

晦庵 河道屋 本店店内

Small rise. The partition tree is curved and unique.

The table is low. I think the old Japanese were small.

晦庵 河道屋 本店店内

From the entrance to TATAKI, it goes up a little on the extension line, and I don't see much at the current shop.

晦庵 河道屋 本店店内2

A space with wabi-sabi that follows the flow of a tea room as a whole. I wonder if there was a Shishi who talked about the defeat with a sake bottle here.

It's amazing that it's not an impossible story at all!

晦庵 河道屋 本店にしん茶そば

It is no exaggeration to say that "Chasoba" is another specialty of "Kouan Kawamichiya Main Store".

You can start making soba noodles in early spring, and in early summer you can choose regular noodles and tea soba as the main dish.

Even though it's an ordinary noodle, it's kneaded with yam from Kyoto, and I've added some ingenuity.

So another Kyoto? In addition to the famous herring soba, I ordered "Nishin soba" for 1500 yen and a tea soba type.

Tea soba is quite thick noodles. The flavor of buckwheat is strong. It's not a fashionable modern delicate buckwheat, it's an old-fashioned buckwheat.

This seems to be quite different. Herring is boiled in Kanro-ni. Well, I don't really like Kanro-ni.

I think herring soba originated in Kyoto, but I prefer the seasoning of herring soba from a soba restaurant in the Kanto region.

This is an orthodox sweet and spicy seasoning. If you like that, please.

However, it seems that various things are good in the atmosphere of this Sukiya-zukuri shop.
There is no particular problem, but there is no vivid "Umai!" I just fall in love with the historic building.

I think the correct way to enjoy it is to taste the atmosphere of this restaurant rather than to taste soba.

Koan Kawamichiya Main Store
〒604-8085 Sanjojoru, Fuyacho-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Business hours from 11:00 to 20:00
Regular holiday Thursday (transfers before and after holidays)
Telephone 075-221-2525 FAX 075-231-8507

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