“Cape Shrine” visited by Ryoma Sakamoto and Shintaro Nakaoka

"Cape Shrine" is on the way to Pontocho after going west on Kawaramachi Street.

This shrine, also known as Tosa Inari, was located on the grounds of the Tosa clan's residence during the Edo period.

From the townspeople around Ponto-cho and Kiyamachi-cho, there is a belief as a local god (Ubusunakami = community-based god).

It was very popular because it made a way for the townspeople on the premises of the clan's residence.


Since it is a shrine in the Tosa clan's residence, it seems that Ryoma Sakamoto and Shintaro Nakaoka would have visited it.

It is written on the bill of the shrine. Well, maybe so.

If you say that, itagaki Taisuke, Goto Shojiro, Takechi Hanpeita, Okada Izo

You will have worshiped.

Even in the modern times of Kawaramachi and Pontocho, there is nothing that retains the remnants of the Tosa clan's residence because it is one of the most downtown areas in Kyoto.

Any fan at the end of the Edo period who read Ryotaro Shiba's "Ryoma Goes His Way" etc.

I'd like to feel the remnants of the Tosa clan's residence, but now there is no such thing, and "Cape Shrine" may be the only one.


It's amazing to think that Ryoma and Shintaro Nakaoka used to walk around here a long time ago.

It seems that he has a strong faith for a long time, but he still has a strong faith.

Although it is a small shrine, it is very clean.
Almost invisible, but the statue of Ryoma Sakamoto.
There is a statue of Ryoma Sakamoto in the precincts, and for the time being, the feeling of Tosa Domain & Ryoma is out.

Misaki Shrine stands quietly in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ryoma fans will be a must-see spot when they come to Kyoto.

Cape Shrine
Bizenjima-cho, Kiyamachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

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