Breakfast and sweets are recommended at the fashionable hideaway cafe “me me me” in Kyoto!

Why is there a cafe in such a place again? The cafe "mememe" is so hidden that you can't help but think.

It feels like a fashionable cafe suddenly appeared behind the temple in a quiet residential area.


Unique and fashionable appearance with lots of windows.

The natural taste is also warm and wonderful.

Although it is located in a maze-like residential area, it is actually close to the Kamogawa River and is perfect for taking a break for a walk on the Kamogawa River.

It is also close to the station and is a 5-minute walk from Jingu-Marutamachi Station.

Opposite the Kamo River, there is the Kyoto Imperial Palace, which is a good place to take a break after sightseeing in the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

Maybe it's a well-thought-out location.


The inside of the store has an outdoor atmosphere like a fashionable mountain lodge.

It looks great in the Christmas season too.


The owner seems to have lived in the United States, and has a high-quality American taste.

There are many trees in the store, so it's calm.

Actually, this shop was originally in Shibuya, Tokyo, but he has moved to Kyoto.

As for the restaurant, there are many menus with the concept of breakfast.

Muffins, sandwiches, wieners, etc. all look delicious.


Look out from the window inside the store.

In the back of a residential area where there are few car streets. it is quiet.


We also sell the coffee used in the shop.

We use coffee beans from Colombia and Guatemala, and also blend fruity bean berries.

You can enjoy the taste of the cafe at home.


By the way, my family who was taking a walk in Kamogawa is with children, so I went to the standard table seat in the back.

I'm grateful that I don't want to disturb a single customer.


A bottle of iced coffee.

I'm messing around.

Coffee has a refreshing acidity and a slightly fruity flavor.

Yeah, refreshing.


Cafe latte.

Soft and fluffy taste. It's warm.

The plate is also elaborate.


By the way, I came here in the evening, not in the morning, so this is a sweet!

And the gorgeous feeling of this French toast more than expected!

I am very satisfied with the volume and toppings with an American taste.

This will have enough calories for one meal lol.

Three family members ate "horse! Horse!"

Yeah, the atmosphere of the restaurant and the quality of the taste are high.

This is a famous hideaway cafe, a discovery.

I only do it until 15:00, so I'd be grateful if you could do it for another hour.

Me me me (ME ME ME)
210 Kamiikesucho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
8: 30-15: 00 (L.O)

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