【 Takocho】 In winter, I want to be a long-established store of Kyoto oden!

Kyoto in winter. As I walked around the city, I felt a cool cold air from the asphalt ground,

A chilly cold that gradually deprives you of your body temperature. ..

Even though it is a city, it is a basin surrounded by mountains, so it is relatively humid even in winter and has a unique cold.

In a word, it's a cold laugh that responds to you.

On such a night, regardless of the east or west of Seki, I want to be a Japanese winter soul food, oden!


Therefore, we recommend the famous Kyoto Oden store "Takocho".

Founded in 1882, it is the fourth generation long-established store.

Kurosawa Shibumi like a movie leaks out of the store.

To get to "Takocho", go south from Gion-Shijo Station for about 3 minutes.

I had a drink in Pontocho on that day and arrived about an hour early so I decided to go in.

I can't make reservations, so I heard that they may line up before the store opens, but I made it quickly on this day.


Inside the store, this is also shiny.

There are a lot of shiny items such as tin oden pots and containers for heating hot sake.

Furthermore, the price is not written on the menu, which is a device that raises the threshold of long-established stores!

Furthermore, I can't read the kanji on that menu!

So, to lower the threshold a little, let's explain the feeling of the menu.

Aranda = Netherlands, but here it is avocado.

Maki Kanai = roll cabbage. It's quite a guess.

So what is this?

Treasure bag = That's right! It is a purse.

Stir-fried skin = whale skin and the fat part just below it. It is a so-called roller.

Oh, by the way, if you ask, it will tell you at all, so it is correct to enjoy the conversation.


First of all, radish and flying dragon head. Oden throat classic.

I tasted the soup stock from this restaurant, which I smoked a lot with daikon radish, and I just like Oden Dane, so lol.

I'm glad that each dish is always served with green onions with Japanese pepper.

It's best to sip the guy with this Japanese pepper and mustard dissolved in the soup stock.

When you pour hot sake into it, your body will warm up.


Kujo green onions with an excellent crispy texture.

This is also delicious because it is often associated with the soup stock.


I was born in Kanto, but I prefer Kansai-style soup stock oden.

Anyway, the soup stock is delicious.

However, in Kansai, oden is called "Kanto-daki", which seems to be Kanto.

I'm still in, but I'll drink after this.

It's just right when I'm a little hungry.

I'm an Edokko here, so I can't say it's long.

Oh, I forgot to ask for the "octopus" in the store name when I put it in parentheses!

Let's save it for the next time.

1-237 Miyagawasuji, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


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